Community Guidelines

EarthShift Systems Community Guidelines
Effective November 17, 2017
( Last Updated March 9, 2018 )

EarthShift is a way to learn about disaster preparation and connect with other members of your community. Community is at the heart of why we created the EarthShift Systems network (“EarthShift Network”). The EarthShift Network is a place to create and foster connections with fellow EarthShift Network Users, a place where you can participate and benefit from a lively local community and make your building or neighborhood a place you are proud to live.
The core values of the EarthShift community are: Sharing, Respect and Privacy. Everything follows from these core values.

We want all EarthShift Users to feel safe and supported so we have created these guidelines to help you connect with other residents and get the most of out of the EarthShift experience. Here Are Ways To Create Community By Connecting With Other Users On The Star Network:

Share With Other Users

Sharing helps build relationships that are the seeds of growing a healthy, vibrant community. We encourage you to contribute to the EarthShift Network by sharing your thoughts, starting conversations, discussing relevant issues, making friends, sharing your time, getting to know other residents, and volunteering around your building or community.

Here are some ideas:

Become involved with CERT or a similar program in your area and help organize your building or neighborhood to become prepared for the next big event. Have you noticed an elderly person living alone in your building or neighborhood? Offer to help them, if you are able, in an emergency. Take on earthquake knowledge and preparation as a hobby and become an EarthShift Genius that answers forum questions and is the go-to person in the neighborhood.

Be respectful

When sharing, please be mindful of of others in your online engagement and add to the supportive EarthShift Network community. Use your common sense and share appropriately. Treat other EarthShift Network Users and residents as you would like to be treated. Simply don’t share anything on the EarthShift Network you wouldn’t like others to do in your own home and don’t share anything about other EarthShift Network Users without their consent.
Please don’t use inappropriate language and agree to disagree when needed.

Think of it as a 21st century amenity you share with your neighbors, so always be respectful and take good care of it for everyone to enjoy.


We are different from other social networks that want you to share as much as possible with the entire world. We don’t and we hope to help reverse that trend. By default, only your user name is visible to other members. All other personal information is invisible to everyone unless you choose to share it, or upload it (e.g. pets and children).

What Not To Do: The Following Actions Can Lead To Revocation Of Your Usage And Account.

  • Post illegal, inappropriate or threatening content.
  • Spam members through posts or personal messages.
  • Make statements that could damage the reputation of other members.
  • Conduct fraudulent activity.

Reporting misuse

If you see any post, comment, profile, or message that you feel goes against the EarthShift Systems Community Guidelines, please share your concern by reporting it to: Our team will review all reported posts, and will always keep your report anonymous from other members.
A failure to follow the EarthShift Systems Community Guidelines may result in revocation of your usage of the EarthShift Network and Account.