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Map Your Neighborhood

The Map Your Neighborhood program guides you and your neighbors through simple steps to help enhance your preparedness for an emergency. These steps will help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives. It is designed to improve disaster readiness at the neighborhood level, 15-20 homes or a defined area that you can canvas in 1 hour. It teaches neighbors to rely on each other during the hours or days before fire, medical, police or utility responders arrive.

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Neighborhood Leader Guide

Be the leader that guides your neighborhood through the MYN preparation program for earthquakes, fires, and emergencies. Help your city bring back the neighborhood concept and also increase the value of your homes.

We have included the videos and booklets (to print) below so you can understand the program now and begin setting it up quickly. You can also contact your local Red Cross office to notify them that you are creating a MYN group. They provide a facilitator orientation course and will also send you a DVD with all of the videos and a package of well-designed booklets (called "shingles") to give to all of the participants.

The information below is from the Washington State Emergency Management Division.
MYN can also be combined with a neighborhood watch program.

Washington EMD

           Step 1           

Video Introduction for the Leader

           Step 2           

Invite Your Neighbors

           Step 3           

Meeting Guide and Videos

Leader Discussion Guide

Booklet Handout for All Participants

Videos to Aid the Discussion Guide

Chapter 1
Introduction for Group at 1st Meeting

Chapter 2
Assumptions & Neighborhood Boundaries

Chapter 3
9 Steps Immediately Following a Disaster

Chapter 4
Identify Neighborhood Gathering Sites

Chapter 5
Identify Neighborhood Care Center

Chapter 6
Neighborhood Skills and Equipment

Chapter 7
Neighborhood Map

Chapter 8
Contact List

Chapter 9
Review Steps 1-7

Chapter 10
Teams at Neighborhood Gathering Site

Chapter 11
Next Steps

Additional Lists and Information

Contact List Template Doc

A prepared contact sheet of all your neighbors. Use this to keep track of those in your neighborhood, their kids - and don't forget pets! - in case of emergency.

Google Earth to Print Map

1 - Launch
2 - Click Search at the top left to add the leader's address
3 - Zoom into your neighborhood
4 - Use a screen shot utility ( like Windows snipping tool ) to copy the area you need and print it.