Water is a Valuable Resource

Easy Ways to Save Water in a Multifamily Building

Save 5 to 15 Gallons Per Day (40 to 120 pounds of water)

A. Simple Things:

  • Shower – Turn off the water while you are soaping up
  • Brushing Teeth – Turn off the water while you brush
  • Dishes – Use a bottle sprayer to wet the dishes and then wipe them
  • Never leave water running when not being used

B. Use Your Bath and Sink Water Twice:

1 – Catch the Warm up Water – use a gallon container to catch clean water to use for cleaning dishes, etc.
2 – Catch the water when rinsing your hands. Then pour the water in a gallon container for use in the toilet tank. Also catch warming water when you wash your face.
3 – Use an inexpensive pump to transfer the water into a storage container. Use a small suction clip to hold the pump in place to retrieve the water.
4 – Slide the storage container (no need to lift) to the side of the toilet. Change the Pump direction to pump water from the storage tank to the toilet tank.
Basic Equipment Needed: A pump, five gallon storage container and a carabiner or suction cup which will keep the pump vertical for pumping.